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Orange Grove Animal Hospital in Tucson, Arizona provides medical care for small companion and exotic animals. Our veterinarians have diverse interests ranging from dogs, cats, and pocket pets, to birds, reptiles, and amphibians. We place a strong focus on preventative medicine and consider regular examinations an essential component of health for all species.

Canine & Feline Preventive Health Care

Preventive health care is essential to the continued health of your pet. The veterinarians and technicians at Orange Grove Animal Hospital in Tucson, AZ are dedicated in providing the best medicine possible and assist owners in preventative medicine and proper home follow-up care. Many of our sick patients could have avoided their suffering through an adequate prevention program. Timely and appropriate vaccines, a quality diet at the appropriate volume for the age and activity level of the pet, and prophylactic dental care are some important examples of disease prevention. Besides improving your pet’s chances of good health, preventive care will also save money, as prevention costs are less than treatment costs. To provide this type of care, we recommend the following:

  • Annual or semi-annual physical exams.
  • Proper vaccinations, starting at 6–8 weeks of age for dogs and cats.
  • Quality nutrition as recommended by our veterinarians and technicians.
  • Parasite prevention, including heartworm, fleas, intestinal parasites, and ticks.
  • Neutering or spaying cats and dogs before 6 months of age.
  • Microchipping for your cat or dog, even for those that don’t often leave the house.
  • Well-Pet and Senior Pet blood work, both in house and through our reference laboratories.
  • Dental care, including routine exams, in-hospital teeth cleaning, and home dental brushing.
Avian and Exotic Preventative Care

At Orange Grove Animal Hospital, our team of experienced and skilled veterinarians and technicians provide medical, surgical and well-pet services for birds and exotic mammals. Canaries, finches, parrots of all sizes, and love birds are common avian patients at our Tucson, AZ pet hospital, as are ducks, geese, chickens and native wild bird species. Exotic mammals include rabbits, rats, ferrets, hamsters, and chinchillas, as well as many other exotics. The unique and varied needs of our exotic pets can provide a challenge even to the most experienced caretakers. Regular veterinary attention is an important resource in maintaining a healthy pet.

Dental care and reproductive sterilization is extremely important in maintaining the health of our small exotic mammals. Dr. Walter Merker and his team of experienced veterinary technicians provide dental care and spay/neuter services for all exotic mammal species, from ferrets and rabbits to guinea pigs and hamsters.

When problems arise, Dr. Merker has a wide range of diagnostic options and specialty reference laboratories to accurately pinpoint the cause of health issues. We work closely with our local compounding pharmacies to formulate medications that are palatable and easy to give to our avian and exotic patients.

Birds and exotic pets require specialized care and nutrition at home. With the explosion of information from researchers in the last five to ten years, we are better able to recommend a proper and healthy diet for our avian pets. Improper diet and husbandry can lead to serious health problems and even untimely death. We offer consultation services to address basic husbandry in addition to our well-pet and intensive care services. We proudly carry Harrison’s Bird Food, made by the leader in avian nutrition.

Those patients typically seen on farms are also members of our growing pet families. Chickens, ducks, geese, miniature pigs and pigmy goats have their own medical needs that our experienced medical team can provide.

Nutrition and environment are two of the most important factors affecting the health of your pet. We are here to help you get started. We provide the best possible care for your pet. In addition to well pet and hospital services, we also offer boarding at our pet hospital in Tucson, AZ for all our exotic mammal and avian patients.

Reptile, Amphibians and Fish Preventative Care

Orange Grove Animal Hospital is fortunate to have James Jarchow, DVM and Walter Merker, DVM providing veterinary care for reptiles, amphibians and fish. Internationally recognized in the field of reptile and wildlife medicine, Dr. Jarchow is also the veterinarian for reptiles and amphibians at the world-renowned Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, as well as Reid Park Zoo. His extensive work with researchers and his dedication to the welfare of our native Sonoran species has made him an invaluable source for those seeking veterinary services or general husbandry information for reptiles and amphibians of all kinds. Dr. Merker has spent most of his life raising and studying reptiles and amphibians and published dozens of articles in REPTILES magazine on care and husbandry. Dr. Merker has a keen interest in aquatic medicine and sees many of our fish and amphibian patients.

Like all exotic pets, each species of reptile, amphibian and fish requires very specific nutritional and husbandry needs in order to maintain health. If you are seeking information on how to properly care for one of these pets, or if your pet requires medical attention, please call and set up an appointment with our pet hospital in Tucson, AZ.

In addition to well-pet annual exams, pre- and post-hibernation exams, and diet and husbandry consultations, we offer emergency medical services for all reptile species and boarding services for most reptile species at our Tucson, AZ pet hospital.

Medical Services for all species

Even when all the latest preventative and up to date husbandry recommendations are followed, our pets may need medical care outside of the routine. Orange Grove Animal Hospital is here to provide more than routine or well pet care. Just some of our medical services include:

  • Digital Radiology
  • Digital Dental Radiology
  • Emergency and routine surgical services
  • Full above and below gum dental prophylactic treatments
  • Multiple experienced reference laboratories
  • Specialized avian & exotic reference laboratories
  • Ultrasound and Advanced Surgical procedures through our consulting board-certified specialists
  • 24-hour staffing with medical staff on call
  • 24-hour phone staffing with phones answered by a local emergency center after hours and on weekends

Orange Grove Animal Hospital veterinarians, technicians, assistants and customer service staff are constantly learning and studying the latest information and advancements in medical care, diet and husbandry. We constantly strive to provide the best possible medical care for your pet. We look forward to being the medical side of your pet’s health care team.


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