Keep Your Reptile Safe with Reptile Boarding in Tucson, AZ

We offer reptile boarding in Tucson, AZ for most species on a limited basis. We have a temperature-controlled reptile room away from our mammal and avian boarders. All reptiles are monitored routinely throughout the day.

We recommend routine examination for all reptile species by Dr. James Jarchow or Dr. Walter Merker. Exams can be performed during your pet’s boarding stay or they can be done prior to the stay when you can be present and ask questions.

Certain species and sizes of reptiles are unable to be accommodated due to the limited space in our temperature-controlled room or due to the specific humidity, space, or heat requirements of certain species. Do not hesitate to call the clinic for specifics on your pet.

We are able to board reptiles who are on medications. Medications for reptiles are given by medical staff and closely monitored by our veterinarians.

What to Bring

  • Enough food appropriate for the species for the entire boarding stay. If additional food is required or if the food you bring is inappropriate for the species, food will be purchased and you will be responsible for the additional charges. Please see our reptile care sheets for recommended diets.
  • An enclosure/cage/tank appropriate for the species
  • Lighting and heat sources appropriate for the species
  • Food and water dishes as needed
  • Any medical records from your current or previous veterinarian and any current medications in the original prescription bottles

For a tour of our facility or current pricing, please call the office during business hours.

We look forward to having your pet stay with us. Call our office to schedule your reptile boarding reservation in Tucson, AZ!


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