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Your cat or dog has been required to be quarantined for 10 to 180 days by Pima Animal Care Center. We understand that this is an unexpected and stressful situation for both you and your pet. The purpose of this page is to outline the policy for rabies quarantine in Tucson, AZ as dictated by the county and the owners of Orange Grove Animal Hospital. These guidelines are in place to protect the safety of the public and staff of the hospital.

Rabies in Tucson, AZ is considered to be of public health significance due to the near certian fatalities in both humans and mammals after exposure. It is because of this that the policies as outlined below have been instituted by this hospital. Rabies quarantines in Tucson, AZ are not considered “boarding animals” but as potentially dangerous and contagious. While we understand the stress this situation places on the owner and the animal, the safety of the public and of the staff of Orange Grove Animal Hospital has to be our prime concern.

Rabies Quarantine Policies

Every quarantine patient is examined upon arrival and before dismissal. These exams are required by the county and there are corresponding fees associated. At the time of the first exam, your pet will be updated on any necessary vaccinations, except rabies. The second exam is done the morning of dismissal and may involve updating the rabies vaccine. The receptionist will provide you with a written estimate for the charges for vaccinations and exams upon check in. We do require a deposit for the full cost of the quarantine, the exams, and any vaccinations.

We cannot provide any requested elective services such as baths, nail trims, ear cleanings, anal sac expressions, etc. to rabies patients in Tucson, AZ, until after the final quarantine exam. Grooming services are not considered medically necessary and involve an unauthorized handling of a potentially dangerous and contagious patient. If your pet is deemed healthy at the end of the quarantine, we can perform additional services. There are additional charges for these.

Any medical treatment such as wound or injury care, medication, or illness treatment will be performed at additional cost to the quarantine fees. There is a daily charge for medication, as this is performed and overseen by the medical staff.

Quarantine patients in Tucson, AZ are required to be free of external parasites such as fleas and ticks. If external parasites are noted on intake exam, your pet will be treated with a topical treatment. There is an additional fee for this.

We cannot allow any visits by owners, friends, or family of a rabies quarantine patient. Due to the public health significance of rabies and the fatal nature of this disease, we must limit contact to only what is necessary to maintain proper sanitation and care of the patient.

After the second exam has been completed, we have to obtain release authorization from Pima Animal Care and Control. Once we have release authorization, you will receive a phone call with an approximate pick up time. Please do not arrive at the clinic prior to receiving authorization for pick up. We cannot guarantee release times or dates as these are dictated by the county.

What to Bring

  • The Pima Animal Care and Control rabies paperwork given to you by the attending animal control officer (notice of bite or notice of quarantine). Please make sure the case number for the quarantine is on this paperwork, as Pima Animal Care and Control will need us to provide that in order to obtain a release.
  • Any previous vaccine records. If your pet was vaccinated for rabies by another veterinarian, we will need a copy of the original rabies certificate or a copy of the medical records showing vaccination.
  • Any medication your pet is on, including over-the-counter medications and supplements, in the original prescription bottle. Medications and supplements not in their original bottle will not be given.
  • Any wet or canned food your pet is on, as we do not provide this. If your pet is on a prescription food, you will need to provide enough for the entire quarantine period.

What Not to Bring

  • Bedding, blankets, towels, etc. Rabies quarantines in Tucson, AZ are kept in our isolation ward under isolation procedures. We will provide appropriate bedding to these patients.
  • Beef, pork, or chicken bones (raw or cooked)
  • Food or water dishes
  • Sticks, shoes, easily torn toys, non-pet appropriate balls (tennis balls, children’s balls, etc.), non-pet toys or toys with small parts.

Again, we understand that this is a stressful situation for both you and your pet and while we will do our best to limit the stress to your pet, we have to take reasonable precautions to protect the staff of Orange Grove Animal Hospital and the public. We hope for a smooth quarantine period and a successful outcome for your pet in Tucson, AZ.

For a tour of our facility or an estimate for length of stay required, please call the office during business hours.


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