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Puppy and Kitten Boarding

During the early months of your puppy’s or kitten’s life, your home is the safest place for him or her. Until your puppy or kitten has had his complete series of vaccines (beginning between 6 & 8 weeks and completing about 16 weeks), he is not immune-competent and is at a higher risk of contracting a viral infection than a fully vaccinated pet over six months of age. Boarding can be a stressful situation for any pet. Strange people, a strange environment, and new routines can put an additional strain on a forming immune system. It is because of this that many kennels do not accept puppies or kittens for care in Tucson, AZ if they are less than four months of age.

Orange Grove Animal Hospital will board puppies and kittens if they are over six weeks of age, with the following limitations:

  1. Your pet must be on solid food and you must provide age-appropriate food or agree to pay for age-appropriate food. We recommend Hill’s Science Diet Puppy (for dogs who will be between 25–55 pounds fully grown), Science Diet Toy Breed Puppy (for dogs who will be under 25 pounds fully grown), Science Diet Puppy Large Breed (for dogs who will be over 55 pounds when fully grown), and Science Diet Kitten. We carry these foods and can sell them by the bag if necessary.
  2. Your pet must have received his or her first vaccination (distemper/parvo combination for dogs, RCP for cats) or you must authorize for the first vaccine to be given. All puppies will also need a bordetella vaccine.
  3. Your pet must be free of external and internal parasites. If parasites are seen on your pet, or your pet shows symptoms of an internal parasite infection, your pet will be treated and additional fees will apply.

The stress of boarding can cause any undiagnosed viral infections to reach clinical significance. If your puppy was exposed to parvovirus prior to boarding, the stress of boarding can aggravate this. Kittens are often exposed to many of the viruses that make up the feline upper respiratory complex at birth or shortly after. The stress of boarding can lead to symptoms of this syndrome. If the staff notices any symptom of illness (diarrhea, sneezing, eye discharge, decrease in appetite, etc.), additional medical charges may accrue.

We take all reasonable precaution to protect your young pet from disease while in our hospital for kitten or puppy care in Tucson, AZ. Our staff works very hard to maintain all our patients and boarders in clean and sanitary environments. If your puppy or kitten becomes ill, we will make all reasonable efforts to contact you and provide an estimate for services.

Puppies are taken outside multiple times per day to relieve themselves in addition to the regular walks our adult boarding dogs receive. We continue to provide food and water bowls as well as appropriate bedding.

What to Bring with Your Pet

When arriving for kitten or puppy care in Tucson, AZ, bring with your puppy or kitten:

  • Any medical and vaccine records from your current or previous veterinarian
  • Any medication your puppy or kitten is on  in the original prescription or over-the-counter bottles. Puppies or kittens being treated for contagious diseases will be quarantined in our isolation ward
  • Age appropriate food (i.e. puppy food or kitten food). While we do provide Science Diet adult dry for our boarders over six months of age, puppy and kitten food will need to be provided or purchased for your pet’s entire stay

Do not bring (as these items will not be put with your pet):

  • Human foods including beef, pork, or chicken bones
  • Food or water dishes
  • Sticks, shoes, children’s toys or toy items with small parts, easily torn toys, non-pet appropriate balls (tennis balls, children’s balls)

**A note on bedding: Puppies rarely arrive housetrained. Housetraining can be a long and messy process with many accidents along the way. If you have chosen not to use a crate to housetrain your puppy, being kenneled can be confusing and lead to increased lapses in training. As we use newspaper to provide additional padding and protection in our cages, this can inadvertently cause confusion if your puppy is being paper trained. Due to all of this, puppies are at a higher risk of soiling their bedding. Puppies are also more prone to tearing or destroying bedding out of boredom than an adult dog would be.

While kittens are typically easily litter box trained, the stress of a new environment can cause accidents. Thus, if you choose to leave bedding with your pet, you will need to sign a release waiving us of any liability if your items become damaged or lost.

Additional Services for Puppy or Kitten Care in Tucson, AZ

We are happy to provide basic grooming services (nail trims, anal sac expressions, bathing, etc.) in addition to any medical services your pet may need during his or her stay. All canines who stay with us five nights or longer receive a complimentary bath the night before discharge. If you would like grooming or medical services, please let the staff member scheduling your reservation know.

We understand that there may be times when a young dog or cat requires boarding services, and we are happy to provide kitten and puppy care in Tucson, AZ. For current pricing or to arrange a tour of our facility, call our office during business hours.


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