Dog and Cat Boarding in Tucson, Arizona

Our dog and cat boarding facilities in Tucson Arizona include indoor-only, temperature-controlled runs as well as smaller kennels for our canine boarders within our hospital. Our cat boarders are housed in a separate temperature-controlled room away from dogs and other animals. All canine boarders are walked multiple times per day in an enclosed and locked exercise yard. We do not allow interaction between boarders not from the same household to protect your pet from injury.

Vaccine Requirements for Dogs and Cats

All dogs and cats boarding in our Tucson, Arizona facility are required to be current on their vaccinations according to our vaccine schedule for adult pets. Call our office during regular business hours if you have any questions regarding our vaccine protocol.


  • Distemper, parvo virus, adenovirus type 2 (canine hepatitis), parainfluenza (DA2PP or DHPP)
  • Bordetella (intranasal or injectable) within 6 months
  • Rabies according to county law


  • Rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, calicivirus (RCP or FVRCP)
  • Feline leukemia within one year (if cat is outdoor, indoor/outdoor, or lives with an indoor/outdoor feline housemate)
  • Feline rabies virus within one year (strongly recommended for all cats; required if cat is outdoor, indoor/outdoor, or lives with an indoor/outdoor feline housemate)

All dogs and cats boarding in our Tucson, Arizona facility are required to be free of external parasites such as fleas and ticks. If external parasites are discovered on your pet, we will provide a topical parasite treatment at additional cost and may transfer your pet to our isolation facilities.

Medical Boarding Policies

Please bring all medication in its original prescription bottle. Over-the-counter supplements, such as vitamins, allergy medications, joint supplements like glucosamine, or fish oil capsules are medications and must also be in their original bottles. Please do not put pills into plastic pill cases, plastic bags, other bottles, or in pre-measured bags of food. As our medical staff oversees all medications given to any animal in our hospital, this ensures we are giving your pet the correct medications at the correct doses. This will also let us better monitor our boarders’ medications. Unlabeled medication may not be given, as our staff must document every pill, tablet, or liquid given to any dog or cat in our Tucson, AZ hospital, including in the boarding facilities.

If your pet’s medication schedule has changed from the prescription label, please have your regular veterinarian fax current medical records reflecting this change to us prior to your boarding reservation.

If your pet is on a prescription diet, please bring an adequate amount of food for your pet’s entire stay. We carry Hill’s and Royal Canin prescription diets and are able to sell the appropriate diet for use during your pet’s stay.

We do offer quarantine/sick pet boarding in our isolation ward. Please inform the staff member at time of reservation if your pet has a contagious disease.

Diabetic Boarding Policies

Boarding can be a stressful event even for healthy dogs and cats. Diabetics, including those well regulated at home, are at greater risk of stress induced complications. In order to better monitor our highest risk pets, we have changed our Diabetic Boarding policies (effective August 2016). Insulin must be provided in its original bottle and box with a legible prescription label. Enough appropriate syringes must be provided for the length of the stay. In the event of travel delay, syringes may be provided by the hospital if necessary. Please provide your pet’s normal diet from home as sudden dietary changes can cause a regulated pet to become unregulated. If your diabetic dog or cat boarding in our hospital is not a regular patient of ours, please have your regular vet fax or email all medical notes and laboratory testing from the last year.

All diabetics will have a blood glucose checked before any insulin is given by the medical staff as well as a urine ketones within 12 hours of arrival. If these tests are abnormal, your dog or cat may be moved from boarding to hospital care and placed under the direct supervision of a staff veterinarian with an additional testing and monitoring protocol. If intake testing is abnormal, a technician will call you with an estimate for care. We ask that owners of diabetic dogs and cats be reachable by phone for the first 24 hours in the event of abnormal intake testing.

When you come to check in with your diabetic dog or cat, staff will review these new policies and the costs associated with them. The changes we have made to our diabetic boarding policies have been done in the best interest of your pet. We know how stressful boarding is and how stressful it can be to leave a pet who isn’t in perfect health. By increasing the monitoring of our diabetic boarders, we reduce the risk of complications arising during the stay. If you have any questions regarding these new policies, please ask to speak with a member of the medical staff.

What to Bring with Your Pet

Orange Grove Animal Hospital feeds Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry to our dog boarders in Tucson, AZ and Science Diet adult dry to our cat boarders in Tucson, AZ. We are unable to provide wet or canned non-prescription food. We provide stainless-steel food and water bowls, litter boxes for cats, and appropriate bedding, if desired.

Please bring:

  • Enough wet/canned food for your pet’s stay
  • Enough dry kibble for your pet’s stay (optional)
  • Proof of vaccinations not given by Orange Grove Animal Hospital
  • Any medications your pet takes, including over-the-counter medications or supplements in their original bottles/packaging
  • Toys/comfort items (see below)

Do not bring (as these items will not be put with your pet):

  • Chicken, pork, or beef bones
  • Food or water dishes
  • Shoes, sticks, non-pet appropriate balls (tennis balls, children’s balls), easily torn toys, children’s toys or toy items with small parts

Regarding personal items: Dog or cat pet boarding is a stressful situation even for those pets who are regular boarders. Out of boredom or stress, even the most sedate and relaxed pet can become destructive. Our Tucson, AZ  dog and cat boarding facilities may run on a different routine than your home, and the change in schedule combined with the stress of a different environment can occasionally cause even the most well-trained pet to soil bedding. Therefore, we do not recommend leaving personal items with boarded pets. Owners assume full liability for items that are lost or damaged. We do require that all items left with your pet be labeled clearly with your last name and your pet’s name.

Additional Services While Boarding

We are happy to provide basic grooming services (nail trims, anal sac expressions, bathing, etc.) in addition to any medical services your pet may need during his or her stay. All canines who stay with us five nights or longer receive a complimentary bath the night before discharge. If you would like grooming or medical services, please let the staff member scheduling your reservation know.

For a tour of our facility or current pricing, please call the office during business hours.

We look forward to having your pet stay with us. Call our office to schedule your Tucson, AZ dog or cat boarding reservation today!


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