Protect Your Pet with Medical Pet Boarding in Tucson, AZ

Board your pet with the veterinarian you trust!

Orange Grove Animal Hospital offers dog and cat boarding in Tucson Arizona, as well as multiple other species. Our boarding facilities are on-site within our hospital and offer a safe, secure, and temperature-controlled environment for your pet. With 24-hour staffing and medical staff that is on call after business hours, you can be confident that all issues are addressed by medical staff promptly.

In addition to routine well-pet boarding, we also offer boarding services to those pets that require more intensive care because of needs such as diabetes and post-surgical recovery, and those pets with multiple complicated medications including fluid therapy and epilepsy medications.

Our boarding facilities are open for drop off and pick up during regular business hours, with daycare services available.

We board nearly every species we treat as a patient, although boarding services for large tortoises, snakes, and lizards may be limited and require additional time to arrange. Boarding services for puppies and kittens are available; so is Rabies Quarantine Service.

For specifics on the types of pet boarding in Tucson, AZ, and the specific requirements per species, please see the detailed pages listed. For current pricing or to make a reservation, please call the office.


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