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Avian Boarding

We offer boarding services and bird care in Tucson, AZ for birds of any size. As our space is limited, we recommend calling in advance to schedule your boarding reservation. Our avian boarders are kept in rooms separate from each other (unless members of the same household) and enjoy watching as the staff goes about their day. It’s not unusual for our bird boarders to learn the beeps and sounds of our medical equipment and mimic these after staying with us.

Boarding can be stressful, even for birds who are routinely boarded and used to being fed and cared for by our staff. This stress can make undiagnosed conditions clinically apparent, aggravate current disease, and in rare cases lead to death. While we do take every reasonable precaution necessary and frequently monitor our avian boarders, we do require that owners sign a waiver acknowledging the medical risk associated with boarding.

First-time avian patients are required to have a physical exam by our avian veterinarian. It is recommended that this exam be done prior to boarding but can be done during your bird’s stay.

We strongly recommend that every avian patient be examined yearly. Birds often hide symptoms of chronic disease, and we want to ensure that all our avian boarders are healthy during their stay.

Owners must leave enough appropraite food for the bird’s entire stay with us. If more food is required, you will be responsible for the extra fees.

What to Bring
  • Any medical records faxed from your current or previous veterinarian
  • Any current medications in the original prescription bottle
  • An appropriate cage for your bird’s stay, as we do not provide cages for birds. A “travel cage” is acceptable if it is large enough for the bird to stretch his or her wings and has an appropriate perch for your bird
  • Enough food for the entire stay that is appropriate for the species.  Please see our Avian Nutrition page for details on recommended diets.  Certain foods, such as dairy, egg or meat products, will not be fed to boarding birds
  • Food and water dishes/crocks
  • Covering for your bird’s cage can be provided or you can bring your own

Small Exotic Mammal Boarding

We offer small mammal boarding in Tucson, AZ for small exotic mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, chinchillas, etc. As with birds, boarding small exotics can be very stressful for the pet. We recommend yearly exams for all exotics prior to boarding. As with our bird boarders, we house our exotics in rooms separate from each other unless members of the same household.

What to Bring
  • A cage appropriate for your pet for his or her entire stay
  • Appropriate food for your pet’s entire stay. If more food is required, food will be purchased and you will be responsible for the additional charges. Please see our Nutrition and Husbandry Pages for recommended diets.
  • Food and water dishes/bottles
  • Enough bedding or litter to allow for daily cage cleaning
  • Any medical records from your current or previous veterinarian and any current medications in the original prescription bottle

For a tour of our facility or current pricing, please call the office during business hours.

We look forward to having your pet stay with us. Call our office to schedule your small animal boarding or bird care reservation in Tucson, AZ today!


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