Dog Licensing - Rabies Certificates - Pima Co. AZ
When are Licenses required?
All dogs three months of age or older must have a current Pima County license.  The license must be affixed to a collar and should be worn at all times.  To obtain your dog's license, your dog must have a current rabies vaccination.  The rabies vaccination must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.
  • Have your dog vaccinated for rabies at 3 months of age by a veterinarian.  Distemper and parvo vaccines should have been started at 6 weeks of age.  
  • The veterinarian will provide you with a completed Pima Animal Care Center rabies certificate.
  • Mail or deliver the rabies certificate along with the appropriate license fees to Pima Animal Control Center.
  • PACC will return the certificate and a license tag to you.
  • Put the tag on your dog's collar, keep the certificate in a safe place.

Pima County does not require licensing of cats. 


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